Keeping You Safe During the Pandemic: Highland’s COVID-19 Protocols

Highland Hearing Clinic has many protocols in place to keep you and our team safe during your appointments.

  • We wear masks and so do our clients.
  • If you need to read lips to hear well, we have clear masks and shields to keep us both safe.
  • All of our clients answer COVID-19 risk questions before they are allowed into the their appointment.
  • The chairs, equipment and surfaces are sanitized daily and the audiologists wear gloves and sanitize your hearing aids.
  • Batteries and supplies can be mailed to you. Just visit our online store or call to place your order over the phone. We have a mailbox outside of our door for you to drop off or pick up items.
  • Virtual appointments are also possible for follow up visits. Most hearing aids can connect to your smart phone so we can send adjustments to the hearing aids via an app.

Thanks you for doing your part by continuing to wear masks in our clinic, even after March 21, 2022. If you have any questions, please reach out. We’re all ears!

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