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Our goal is to provide exceptional and affordable hearing healthcare services in a compassionate environment.

Our services are designed to enhance an individual’s quality of life by improving their hearing. These services include:

Hearing Assessments

A doctor’s referral is not necessary for thorough hearing testing. Reports can be provided to your physician at no extra charge.

Hearing Aid Sales & Service

Our certified audiologists work with each patient to determine his or her hearing requirements, physical capabilities and budget. This information, along with the degree of hearing loss, helps to determine which hearing aids might be most appropriate for his or her lifestyle needs. 45-day adjustment periods with a return privilege and two-year warranties are standard policy. Highland Hearing Clinic also services most makes and models of hearing aids.

Hearing Conservation

Sheri MacGregor completed her Master’s project in the subject of hearing conservation. She and her team are therefore able to provide education and products for people exposed to loud sounds from either machinery or music. Custom fit hearing protection and in-the-ear monitors are available to help prevent hearing damage.

Online Store

Visit our online store to purchases batteries and wax guards from Highland Hearing.

Communication Course

Learn some communication tips and other practical information that can help you and your loved ones manage the hearing loss at home, work or social situations.