8 Everyday Tips for Hearing Aids Use

1. Keep hearing aids clean – get into a routine and clean them every morning or every night.

2. Beware of moisture that may cause problems with the electronic components.

3. Buy a battery tester and check your batteries regularly. Open the battery door or remove the battery completely each night. (You can order new batteries from us online.)

4. Keep hearing aids in a hard shell container when not in use. Cats, dogs and children will play with them, lose them, eat them, etc.

5. Buy a Dri-Aid kit and use it faithfully, especially during hot humid summers. (You can make your own with a jam jar and rice, ask your audiologist for more details.)

6. Treat hearing aids to a deep cleaning and maintenance by your audiologist. (This should be done every 6 to 12 months.)

7. Do NOT leave hearing aids loose in your pocket or wrapped in Kleenex! Hearing aids often end up in the washing machine and dryer, or thrown out in the garbage and then it’s game over.

8. Don’t expect miracles! Hearing aids can help you hear better, but they cannot completely restore your hearing to normal.

Provided by: Moneca Price, Canadian Hearing Society

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