Hearing Assessments

Hearing Assessments

A doctor’s referral is not necessary for hearing testing. Reports can be provided to your physician at no extra charge.

  • Need a hearing exam as part of a referral to an ear specialist?
  • Want to get a baseline of your hearing so you can monitor your hearing health over time?
  • Do you feel your hearing has changed?

There are many reasons people request hearing testing at Highland Hearing Clinic.

Your hearing exam will be performed by a licensed audiologist who has 7 years of university training. Here’s what you can expect:

  • a conversation with your audiologist about your overall health and hearing
  • they’ll have a look in your ears
  • they’ll check the movement of your eardrums and the little bones in behind them
  • you’ll go into a quiet sound room and listen for words and tones
  • your results will be explained to you and your questions answered
  •  if needed, you’ll make a plan together on how to help you hear better or refer you for medical follow-up
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