Tips on Acquiring Hearing Aids

Properly fitted and well-maintained hearing aids are crucial links to the world of sound and speech. Hearing aids will often make the difference between staying connected to the world around you or not. Experts recommend we get our hearing tested every 2 years.

The first step is to determine whether you have a hearing loss that will benefit from amplification. The audiologist will perform a thorough hearing test and if a loss is detected, the option of using hearing aids (amplification) will be discussed.

If the results of testing indicated that you will benefit from amplification, our hearing aids evaluation will be performed. At this time your needs will be discussed so that the most appropriate hearing aids can be prescribed. Hearing aids prescription specifies the make, model and settings of an aid that will work best for you.

Trial periods

Clinics should offer a minimum 30-day trial period with your new hearing aids. Trial periods are in place for your protection and are essential to allow you to adjust to your hearing aids. Trial is also necessary to determine suitability in your daily life with its unique blend of activities and listening demands. This is your time to try the aid in different listening situations. If you are not satisfied, adjustments can be made or you may choose to return the aid if you are not confident that it helps and that you will wear it. Be sure to ask about any charged incurred if you decide not to keep the hearing aids.


The cost of hearing aids can vary widely depending on your needs, choice of technology and choice of vendor. Before you decide to invest in hearing aids, ask questions regarding total cost breakdown, optional charges and customer services offered. And there may be some ongoing costs like hearing aid batteries and wax guards.


Some companies have insurance that may cover all or a portion of the hearing aids cost. Check with your insurance about this coverage. You may also be eligible for assistance through third parties, such as Veterans Affairs Canada and Workers’ Compensation Board.


Adjusting to the way things sound through your hearing aids may take time. This adjustment period may be helped by professional instruction. Communication strategies, environmental counseling, speech reading and information on assistive devices will ultimately help you during the adjustment process.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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