How Do I Know Which Hearing Aids are Best for Me?

There are so many models of hearing aids available these days. How can we help you decide which is the most appropriate for you?

Lifestyle evaluation

If you are a new client of ours, we might not know what your listening needs are. There is a new technology available that allows us to measure the types of environments you spend your time in. Here’s a great video that explains how personalized hearing tests work.

Log-It-All data

Everyone spends their time differently. Our Unitron Flex demo hearing aids not only let you experience what it might be like to wear hearing aids. They also collect data on the types of environments you spend your time in. This extra information allows us to personalize our recommendations for you so you can be sure your future hearing aids will meet your needs.

What if my needs change over time?

Sometimes we find that people become more active once they have hearing aids and feel more confident participating in group conversations. No need to worry, Unitron’s Flex Upgrade feature allows us to upgrade the technology of the hearing aids you already purchased and you just have to pay the difference in price.

What are audiologists saying about Log-It-All?

“I love that we don’t need to discuss budget at the first appointment. Instead we send our patients out the door with the demos and then we look at the data when they return a few weeks later. It’s great that our clients only need to spend as much money as their lifestyle requires.”

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