Telehealth for Your Hearing Needs

Between storms, working out west, and the pandemic, it can be tricky to make your way to one of our clinics. 

Luckily, telehealth is becoming more commonplace.  For example, have you recently had a doctor’s appointment over the phone?  Many people have embraced having meetings and appointments from the comfort of their own home.  

Here at Highland Hearing Clinic, we are happy to offer options for telehealth for your hearing aids!

Remote care: how does it work?

Telehealth, also referred to as remote care, allows the audiologist to connect to your hearing aids, make sound adjustments, and in most cases ,chat with you in a live video call. However, you must meet certain requirements:  

  • Your hearing aids must have a remote adjustment feature.
  • You’ll need a compatible mobile device (ex. smart phone or tablet) along with a good strong internet connection.

Not sure if your devices are compatible? Never fear, your clinicians are here! Either an in-person appointment or a regular phone call can be set up to go over your current hearing aids and electronic devices to see if they are compatible with telehealth options. Once we set up remote care services with your hearing aids, you are good to go!

If you want a remote care appointment, contact us to let us know so we can book time during the day to give you a video call.

What cannot be done with telehealth?

As powerful as remote care is, there are limitations.

  • Diagnostic hearing tests must be completed in person to get an accurate picture of your hearing capabilities.
  • When you are getting fitted with new hearing aids, we need to measure the sound of a voice in your ears to ensure the volume is appropriate.
  • If there is a physical issue with your hearing aid (i.e., a broken wire, etc.) we need to have the hearing aid in hand to repair it. However, we do offer curbside drop off and pick up if a repair or cleaning is needed!

Hearing telehealth, a far reaching solution

Remote care is a great way to stay connected to your hearing clinic. Maybe you have to self isolate? Maybe you work out west? Bad weather? We can still assist you. Whether it be virtually with telehealth or in person, we are here to help.

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