Why can hearing aids whistle?

If you have hearing aids or know someone who does, then you most likely have heard the whistle of a hearing aid. The cause of this sound boils down to the concept of feedback. Read on for some tips and tricks! Some feedback on your feedback That whistle is called feedback. It occurs when the … Read more

Keeping You Safe During the Pandemic: Highland’s COVID Protocols

Highland Hearing Clinic has made many changes to keep you and our team safe during your appointments. We wear masks and so do our clients. If you need to read lips to hear well, we have clear masks and shields to keep us both safe. All of our clients answer COVID-19 risk questions before they … Read more

What does a hearing test involve?

Having issues with your hearing? Making an appointment to get tested is the first step. But what does it involve? Here are some things you can expect when you get your hearing assessed. What’s the hearing assessment process? 1. Book an appointment You can give us a call or even now book online!¬†Also, giving additional … Read more

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