How to Prevent Moisture Damage in Hearing Aids

While I do enjoy the sound of a bubbling brook, water in general is not your friend when it comes to hearing aids. Humidity, rain, sweat or an accidental soaking in the shower can cause havoc with the electronics of the aid. In fact, moisture damage is one of the most common culprits of hearing … Read more

Phonak’s smarter earmold

A vent is an important feature to any ear-mold. It is a small passageway in your mold that connects your ear canal to the outside and the size varies depending on your hearing. The more closed off (smaller vent), the more likely you will feel plugged. The more open (bigger vent) the more likely that … Read more

Telehealth for Your Hearing Needs

Between storms, working out west, and the pandemic, it can be tricky to make your way to one of our clinics.  Luckily, telehealth is becoming more commonplace.  For example, have you recently had a doctor’s appointment over the phone?  Many people have embraced having meetings and appointments from the comfort of their own home.   Here at … Read more

Why can hearing aids whistle?

If you have hearing aids or know someone who does, then you most likely have heard the whistle of a hearing aid. The cause of this sound boils down to the concept of feedback. Read on for some tips and tricks! Some feedback on your feedback That whistle is called feedback. It occurs when the … Read more

What does a hearing test involve?

Having issues with your hearing? Making an appointment to get tested is the first step. But what does it involve? Here are some things you can expect when you get your hearing assessed. What’s the hearing assessment process? 1. Book an appointment You can give us a call or even now book online! Also, giving additional … Read more

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