Keeping You Safe During the Pandemic: Highland’s COVID-19 Protocols

Highland Hearing Clinic has many protocols in place to keep you and our team safe during your appointments. We wear masks and so do our clients. If you need to read lips to hear well, we have clear masks and shields to keep us both safe. All of our clients answer COVID-19 risk questions before … Read more

Phonak’s smarter earmold

A vent is an important feature to any ear-mold. It is a small passageway in your mold that connects your ear canal to the outside and the size varies depending on your hearing. The more closed off (smaller vent), the more likely you will feel plugged. The more open (bigger vent) the more likely that … Read more

10 Steps to Learning to Use Your New Hearing Aids

Different people react differently to using hearing aids. Your age, the severity of your hearing impairment and your acceptance of the need for hearing aids may strongly influence your reaction to hearing with amplified sound. There is no magic in adjusting satisfactorily to the use of hearing aids. It requires practice and an application of … Read more

8 Everyday Tips for Hearing Aids Use

1. Keep hearing aids clean – get into a routine and clean them every morning or every night. 2. Beware of moisture that may cause problems with the electronic components. 3. Buy a battery tester and check your batteries regularly. Open the battery door or remove the battery completely each night. (You can order new … Read more

Tips for Hearing in a Restaurant

Trying to hear in a busy restaurant with hearing aids can be tricky. Here are some helpful tips to use when dining out. Before you go out Plan ahead by picking a quieter restaurant. For example, you may want to avoid a noisy sports bar with loud televisions. Try to find restaurants with widely spaced … Read more

Why can hearing aids whistle?

If you have hearing aids or know someone who does, then you most likely have heard the whistle of a hearing aid. The cause of this sound boils down to the concept of feedback. Read on for some tips and tricks! Some feedback on your feedback That whistle is called feedback. It occurs when the … Read more

Tips on Acquiring Hearing Aids

Properly fitted and well-maintained hearing aids are crucial links to the world of sound and speech. Hearing aids will often make the difference between staying connected to the world around you or not. Experts recommend we get our hearing tested every 2 years. The first step is to determine whether you have a hearing loss … Read more

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